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So this blog is about Fight Klub but also about my journey to becoming an instructor, hope you enjoy! 🙂

I first came across Fight Klub just from watching a video on facebook that someone posted, boxing and drum and bass, it was love at 1st sight! 🙂
I went online to find the nearest one to me..

..I’ve been attending classes from the beginning of last year and I’ve been hooked ever since, they are the best! I should mention that at the end of 2016 I gave up smoking and drinking for my health and with that, I also gave up having a vice. If I was feeling stressed or upset I didn’t have a cigarette or glass of wine to take the edge of things anymore, so my best friend Lauren recommended I try yoga. Again, I fell in love straight away. I’ve tried all different exercises and classes from pilates and aerial hoop to spinning and zumba but there’s something about yoga and Fight Klub that I have a real passion for. Fight Klub is definitely my favourite hiit workout, I’m not actually a fan of high intensity interval training but with their music and atmosphere you don’t feel like you’re training, more like you’re raving haha! I guess that’s why they call it healthy raving and exactly why I love it so much, especially with some of their line ups – Bailey, Brockie, General Levy, Grooverider, Randall and Ratpack to name a few – I know some of my friends who aren’t even into fitness want to go just for the music haha 🙂 Also when I talk about the atmosphere, I’m not just talking about the party vibe, I always feel a great positive energy at these classes. It’s so good to see such a diverse range of people here. I meet people from all different walks of life, different ages, shapes and sizes and they all have a smile on their face and I always notice how everyone is so encouraging of one another, I love it!

Me & Nanay (my mother) xx

So I mentioned just now about not having a vice since giving up smoking & drinking..

*Update 2019 | I talk more about my sobriety here:


I’ve realised by having a consistent balance of yoga, meditation and Fight Klub in my life, I don’t actually need a vice. Research shows that exercising is great for your serotonin and dopamine levels (which relieves depression) and that it also releases endorphins which are your feel good hormones, and of course meditation is great for calming the mind. I remember speaking to Troy Dureh (the creator and founder of Fight Klub) last year about addictions and he said something that always stuck with me, can’t remember word for word but he was talking to me about us all having addictions and that I still have addictions, they’re just healthy ones now 🙂

Which really made me reflect on my lifestyle changes and I think he’s absolutely right. I can’t imagine my life without fitness now and if I do skip working out even for just a day or two I really miss it and crave it like I’m addicted, but in a good way 🙂

Now I want to help others the same way Fight Klub has helped me, I know it’s only a workout but when you find a workout that you love and enjoy it really does make you feel good and definitely improves your health for the better, physically and mentally. So I spoke to one of my instructors Patrick Sinclair and asked for his advice about becoming an instructor. By the way Patrick is one of my favourite instructors ever! Always makes class fun, one minute I’m sweating out of breath, next minute I’m laughing 🙂 He somehow manages to keep us all going even when we feel like passing out, he has a great energy about him & is the best MC! You can book his classes here:

Ok back to me asking for his advice.. So I remember I went online and saw that I needed a Level 2 qualification before even applying to become an instructor. What the shamone shalakalaka, I thought I could just rock up to Fight Klub and do the training! But Patrick explained to me there was more to it than that as you need to learn the musicality side to things etc. He strongly advised me to complete the Level 2 Exercise to Music course. I remember I came across this course before and I spoke to my best friend Jaded about it saying how it sounded made up haha. Boy was I wrong. This course taught me so much and truly gave me the knowledge and self-assurance I needed to become a fitness instructor. Patrick also encouraged me to go for it as it would open other doors for me, for example if one day I wanted to start other classes like spinning or jungle body, it’s a great qualification to have under your belt. I have to finish off this paragraph with a big shout out to Patrick for basically being my mentor through all of this, I really wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my goals if it wasn’t for you, thank you for all of your help, time and advice – and thank you for believing in me 🙂

So I googled ETM courses in and around London and the one that stuck out to me the most was HFE..

I just had a really good gut feeling about them when I was looking at their website and reading through their reviews, so I called them up along with a couple other companies, but HFE were definitely the most helpful. They provided me with lots of information over the phone and sent it all over by email too but without the sales pitch which was a nice, it felt more genuine. So I went ahead and booked my course with them and I’m so happy I did. The tutors there were amazing, could not fault them – Hara, Janine, Steph – thank you for everything! I hadn’t stepped in a classroom in over 14 years and I absolutely felt like a fish out of water. I definitely struggled with the theory learning at first but got there in the end and that’s all due to the help, advice, support and encouragement from my tutors. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for them, at one point I was in the classroom crying as I felt so overwhelmed (with studying and life in general as I had a lot going on at the time) and Hara straight away gave me the biggest hug, reassuring me and speaking nothing but positive words of encouragement and motivation which really helped keep me going love her. So when I say I struggled with the theory learning I mean studying anatomy and physiology. I had no idea so much went into being a fitness instructor, it’s good because the knowledge you gain is great to know but I didn’t have a clue what I was reading, and I love reading, I thought reading this anatomy and physiology book would be a breeze! But it just didn’t sink in. Hara recommended watching videos on YouTube and Janine suggested using the HFE online learning system. Omg it changed my life. I should mention here that Janine was my online tutor, I didn’t use her at all at 1st because I didn’t really know what to ask or say to her, I’ve only ever had teachers face to face in school but now looking back I wish I contacted her more in the beginning because she is there to help you, you’ve paid for this course so you’ve paid for her help, use it! Even if you think your questions are silly, still ask, what’s the worst that could happen? She’s not going anywhere 🙂

Ok so here’s one of the videos that I watched on YouTube which really helped me:

And this is a website where you can see mock exam papers along with answer sheets to give you a rough idea of what the exams will be like on the day:

Re the YouTube video, I watched it along with others and the HFE online learning system and made handwritten notes along the way. Yes handwritten notes take up a lot of your time but this can actually work to your advantage as where it is so time consuming you will only end up writing the key points you need, which makes it easier when it comes to revising. I also believe that when you write things down and read it in your own handwriting it will improve your memory of them, I don’t know why but it definitely helps me.

I then noticed after watching videos and making notes I would go back to read my anatomy and physiology book and I understood everything! I was actually learning even more. As much as I love to read in my free time, I’ve learnt on this course that I’m much more of a visual learner, which is handy to know for any future studies. Now the reason why I’m going into so much depth re theory studies is because I actually failed my anatomy and physiology exam 1st time, but I knew I was going to. I even told my tutors, I said I’m going to be honest with you I know I’m going to fail this exam, and this is not me being a negative Nancy or anxious or anything, it’s because I haven’t studied for it. I then told them my little plan. Basically by the time I realised I was a visual learner and I had different options like YouTube etc. it was time for me to practice for my practical exam! I knew that was my strong point and I was confident I was going to pass that, so I spent all my time and energy creating and memorising my routine that I had to teach. Practical exam day came, and I passed! YAY! 🙂
I quickly just want to say thank you to my girls who participated on my actual exam day and to my amazing friends who let me practice on them, I wouldn’t have been able to pass without you..

So after celebrating with some juices and food with the girls, I cracked on with my theory studies!

And guess what happened.. after failing my 1st exam with only 53% (which I’m actually proud of considering I didn’t study), I booked a resit and passed with 90%! YAY! 🙂

It just goes to show you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I also wanted to share my results with you so you can see it’s ok not to be ok, it doesn’t determine your end result, you can still get there! Now I had passed the two main things (in my eyes), I could focus all of my time and energy on the last part of my course, the online tests and coursework. By this time I saw on social media the other students on my course had already passed everything and some had even completed their further training and was ready to start teaching classes! This kept me motivated though. Don’t get me wrong I had a moment of, omg this course is taking so much longer for me, and then I had to remind myself..

Preach! Anyway I managed to pass all of my online tests and coursework and became a fully qualified fitness instructor! The day I saw my certificate I could not stop smiling, as much as it took a little longer than others I didn’t care, I still achieved it and the struggles made me appreciate it even more 🙂
Before I finish off talking about the HFE side of things, I also want to say thank you to this lovely lady who I met on the course..

We instantly connected and would always help each other out when it came to our practical assessments, she is one of the most cheerful, strong and determined people I have ever met, I loved being around her. We exchanged numbers on our last day, kept in touch and I ended up opening up to her about my study struggles, and she helped me so much bless her. It’s funny how you can know someone for such a short period of time but you know they have your back and that you can trust them. Quality over quantity always. Thank you Adz for all your support, you’re the best!

PS. The above photo, what a transformation! So proud of you Adz, my inspo! 🙂

Ok now onto the Fight Klub DnB Workout training day. I had the pleasure of Patrick running the course this day which was nice as I already know him and feel comfortable around him. He really pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a nice way) and would tell me to instruct certain moves e.g. partner plyo – I would say “hold on you haven’t taught me this yet” and he’d say “Rochelle you’ve seen me teach this 1000 times you can do it”, and then I’d do it! 🙂 I also learnt how to do the Fight Klub signature countdown which was fun because it used to sound a bit full on for me to memorise, but Patrick just kept on getting me to repeat it till I got it, and now I do it all the time 🙂 I know there were certain things I needed to work on but Patrick would remind me of my strong points which really kept me motivated and determined to get it right.

So after completing and passing my training day I went to Patrick’s Norbury class where I’ve recently been going on stage with him, just doing the moves as ongoing practice for me. Anyway this class I went to was different as he put me on the spot and said I was going to teach the warm up! No warning, nothing. I knew the warm up moves but I had only just learnt how to do the countdowns and instructions etc., I didn’t feel ready at all! I backed out of it and said I wanted to practice more 1st and I will do it next week for sure. He then explained he needed to put me on the spot so I can just do it, get it out the way, and then learn from it and practice more. So I just did it! I mean I laughed through half of it haha 🙂 but at least I remembered the moves and kept going with a smile on my face. And Patrick was right, as soon as I done it I knew exactly what I needed to work on which I wouldn’t have known if he didn’t put me on the spot. Also his class is amazing, all the participants were really supportive, blowing their whistles away haha, they have the best energy love them.. Some of them spoke to me after and said well done etc. which was really sweet. That’s another thing that I love about Fight Klub, the Fight Klub family! In all the classes I’ve been to the instructors encourage you to make friends, it could be a little hello and high five or working out together during partner plyo. It might seem small but it really does bring a good vibe and family/community feel to the class. Some other workouts I’ve been to, their classes can be really clicky and it puts me off going back there. I don’t ever feel that way with Fight Klub, everyone is always friendly and so fun to be around 🙂
Even at the mud run last month, I remember overdoing it with the training and ended up with an injury but I still went to support everyone especially my friend and personal trainer Wes, and while everyone was doing the mud run I ended up playing with the Fight Klub kids haha, bouncy castles and ice cream all afternoon 🙂

I also love how much effort is put in when it comes to the line ups. You half go to work out and half go to party! I remember at the Hackney Festival of Fitness..

..I left Wes behind to go to the front and rave like I was at garage nation haha! So much fun! 🙂

*Update 2019 | I wanted to share My 1st Vlog here too as I talk in more detail about how Fight Klub helps me with my sobriety and mental health:

Ok just finishing off now with a list of Fight Klub workouts:

FIGHT KLUB – punch bags with gloves

STRYKE – punch bags with foam sticks, my new favourite release!

BELLS AND BASS – kettlebells and drum and bass, so good for toning

DRUM AND BASS WORKOUT – equipment free

..AND DRUM AND BOX – pad work

Also before I give you my new class dates, please note that I’ll be away for my yoga teacher training in September.. but I do have some more classes lined up for when I’m back, will keep you posted!

So thank you for taking the time to read my blog, please find more info below re my upcoming classes:

SATURDAYS 1PM (11th, 18th, 25th AUGUST)


First come first serve, please contact Sweaty Betty directly to reserve a space..

Sweaty Betty Wimbledon
49 High Street
SW19 5AX

0208 944 6618



Assisting Patrick Sinclair with his Fight Klub, please bring boxing gloves as this class includes punch bags, one of my favourite workouts! 🙂 Online bookings only..

Oh and last but not least, a big thank you to the talented Fight Klub videographer Berty..

..for your amazing vision and creativity when it came to filming my promo video, I really appreciate your time and attention to detail, you are the best! 🙂

And here’s some more random Fight Klub pics..

Professional pics by the one and only Norman Peltier 🙂

Such a pleasure working with this talented man, amazing photographer and personal trainer!