Rochelle Rosario

My lifestyle changes and fitness routine are a huge part of my sobriety, and keeping depression and anxiety at bay. Exercise is well known to boost endorphins, our natural feel good chemicals that gives us a sense of happiness and wellbeing. I’m also a huge supporter in ending the stigma attached to mental illness. Some years ago I decided to become teetotal after using alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism throughout my mental health struggles. You can read more about my journey here:

After more than two years sober, and having achieved my best ever physical health, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) following an unfortunate incident. This was to be the hardest battle of my life.

Overcoming my difficulties hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learnt to respect and appreciate my dark times because those struggles have increased my resilience and understanding. I’m not perfect, I have stretch marks and I still love desserts! However, I have gained greater insight, awareness and compassion. Along with more knowledge and experience in health, fitness and wellbeing through a variety of training courses including yoga teacher training, Fight Klub and SinFit. I have chosen to specialise in areas where both my professional skills and personal experience are relevant, in order to help others make a positive difference in their own lives. My goal is to enable people to improve their physical and mental health whilst having fun, and leaving my classes feeling motivated and uplifted! 🙂


  • Yoga therapy and mindfulness for addictions | Shaura Hall
  • Yoga practice for mental health conditions | Heather Mason
  • 200hr vinyasa yoga | Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell
  • 85hr pre/postnatal, baby and me yoga | Sally Parkes
  • Anatomy and biomechanics | Celest Pereira
  • Fight Klub
  • DnB Workouts
  • SinFit
  • Level 2 exercise to music
  • First aid certification



“It was a pleasure to have Rochelle join us at Yogashala Ibiza for her teacher training. She showed lots of enthusiasm, commitment and determination throughout the course, along with providing support and assistance to the other teachers. She was a great asset to the team, reliable and capable under all conditions, very hardworking and organised, and a joyful energy to be around. I admire her helpful cheerful teaching style, and her positive can do attitude. I look forward to working with Rochelle again in the near future.”
Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell, Director at Yogashala Ibiza

“I’ve been training with Rochelle for a few months now, not only have I seen a huge difference in my body, I’ve also noticed working out with her improves my mind set and keeps me feeling positive. Her lighthearted, kind, hardworking and fun spirit motivates me to be the best version of myself. Rochelle and I have also begun boxing (pad work) together and I have found this so beneficial for my mental health. All the exercise I do with her is a great release for me and I always finish a workout feeling incredible. From day one she has taken into consideration my likes and dislikes when it comes to exercise and has always helped me out with trying new things. I am new to yoga and although I’ve only had a few sessions I have thoroughly enjoyed each one of them, her passion for both fitness and yoga is inspiring. Rochelle’s positive energy is contagious and just being around her creates a very upbeat and cheerful environment.”
Emma Lucy Walker, Mental Health Awareness Blogger

“I’ve known Rochelle for over 10 years now and it has been inspiring to see her continuous progression and development with her own personal health and fitness. I used to train her years ago and now I get to work with her which I love! She has a great creative energy and we constantly bounce ideas off each other. Although my passion is with boot camp/personal training, I really do enjoy taking part in her classes, she looks after you and keeps you motivated but knows how to have fun too.”
Abby Flatley, Personal Trainer and Founder of Honeyz Hiit


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